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Construction Sites

Grassform offer a range of grounding solutions that are perfect for construction sites by ensuring protection for the ground and safety of the workers on site. Our grounding solutions can even be used on uneven and soft ground allowing the temporary flooring to be extremely versatile.

Site Solutions

TuffTrak is an ideal temporary construction site mat as it can withstand heavy cranes, vehicles and other machinery to be used and transported with ease around the construction sites. The ground itself is an important aspect to consider while working on construction sites because the ground needs to be maintained and not damaged to comply with safety and environmental standards.

Health and safety is another important aspect of flooring in construction sites to allow for safe, easy access routes around the site. We offer alternative flooring solutions such as PaveLok & CheckerLok, which is suitable for pedestrian access around the construction site, as well as transporting lighter construction equipment easily. Also, with non-slip technology it ensures all the workers are safe using the walkways and complying with on site health and safety rules

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Unbreakable to over 150* tonnes, TuffTrak® is the ultimate heavy duty road mat providing temporary road ways and work areas for very heavy plant, machinery and multiple vehicles.   Find out more about TuffTrak Contact Us

Service Spotlight:


PaveLok is a fantastic moulded non-slip cellular structure with excellent durability and comfort.   Find out more about PaveLokContact Us

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CheckerLok has a new interlocking design that can benefit just about any application – the list is endless! It is the most versatile matting product on the market and the most competitive.   Find out more about CheckerLokContact Us

Grassform’s grid solutions allows me to offer my clients a fantastic alternative to ordinary paving. As they are self-draining there is no need for the extra work. The tile can be easily cut to fit and backfilled with the client’s preferred stone or grass finish. As they are versatile, hard wearing…

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