Ground and grass protection mats, also known as field mats, are a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for strengthening outdoor surfaces for a variety of purposes.

For car parks, driveways, access roads and pathways, plastic grids provide a simple base for permanent and semi-permanent structures. They avoid the need to dig foundations without the risk of sinking or subsidence.

Lightweight and easy to install, field mats are also perfect for creating temporary roads, pathways, concourses and standing areas for outdoor events and festivals. With an open mesh design, they provide ample support on boggy ground without damaging the grass underneath, while also providing natural drainage.

As well as strengthening and supporting a variety of surface structures, ground grid systems can also be used to stop soil erosion on unstable grounds, and gravel migration from aggregate bases.


We supply ground protection mats manufactured by Geogrid. As part of Strata, a global leader in geosynthetics products, Geogrid products have a first-class reputation in the soil reinforcement market.

The two lines we supply, Geogrid Premium and Geogrid Standard, are market leading brands in the cellular paving category. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene and recyclable at end of life, Geogrid permeable paving slabs are eco-friendly as well as extremely hard-wearing and durable.

Geogrid Standard grass and ground protection is capable of bearing axle loads of up to 25 tonnes, while the reinforced Geogrid Premium slabs can handle up to 35 tonnes. This makes Geogrid reinforcements suitable for large trucks, excavation equipment, tractors and other heavy vehicles.

Comprised of interlocking plastic tiles, Geogrid field mats are easy to install and can be used on practically any unpaved or earthen surface. With four tiles per metre square, Geogrid plastic slabs are easy to handle and piece together. Individual tiles simply lock into their neighbours, giving a stable, solid, flat surface for vehicles and pedestrians.

Geogrid grass and ground protection mats are completely water, frost and UV resistant, making them ideal for permanent and long-term semi-permanent uses. Unlike wooden and metal reinforcement products, Geogrids will not rot, rust or warp even after years of use.

Because their open mesh structure is completely permeable, Geogrid products allow for water dispersal and are compliant with SUDS building regulations.

Using Geogrid paving

Geogrid grass and ground protection are designed to be highly flexible and straightforward to use. The interlocking plastic tiles mean you can create any size or shape of surface you require, whether it is a long, narrow pathway or a broad, rectangular car parking area.

There are two main ways Geogrid field mats can be used, either filled in with gravel or left ‘open’. When used as a base plastic grid for driveways, paths, access routes and car parks, filling the plastic grids with aggregate increases strength and creates a longer-lasting, more permanent structure.

This provides a quick and easy way to build access roads for building sites that are capable of withstanding traffic from heavy vehicles and machinery for months on end. Another common use is to level and stabilise old tow paths alongside canals, or to build permanent walkways through parks and woodland.

When left unfilled, plastic paving grids will allow the grass underneath to grow through. For short-term temporary uses to create driveways, paths and standing areas for outdoor events, this will have little impact, and the main purpose of the plastic paving is to provide free-draining, convenient ground support.

But over time, the open grid design of the slabs will develop into permeable grass paving, with foliage growing through and entwining with the plastic. Over time, users may not even be aware that there is a plastic ground grid system underneath, and you will be left with an attractive, level, stable turf pathway.

This is also an ideal solution for embankment stabilisation, allowing the grass to mesh with the plastic to reinforce the surface structure of the ground.

Finally, if you wish to use Geogrid ground protection mats as car park plastic grid, we also supply Geogrid delineation markers. These white plastic inserts clip directly into the Geogrid slabs, allowing you to mark out parking bays, road markings and create simple on-floor signage.

Whatever your project, if you need a reliable, simple, cost effective ground stabilisation solution, please get in touch and we will produce a bespoke quote based on your needs. Call us today and speak to one of our experienced sales staff who will be happy to assist.

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