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If you are looking for a simple, low-cost grass reinforcement and protection solution for pedestrians and small vehicles, plastic mesh is the answer.

Cheaper and more straightforward to use than trackway boards, mats and ground reinforcement grids, PVC mesh is perfect if you do not have to worry about heavy equipment, heavy vehicles or heavy footfall.

With easy roll-and-go installation, grass protection mesh is well suited to temporary use at events such as fetes, festivals, fairs, car boot sales, concerts, community galas, sports days and more. It can be rolled out across parks and playing fields during wet weather to provide mud-free paths and driveways.

Heavier duty versions are also suitable for creating temporary car parks on fields, verges and other grassed areas, avoiding the risk of cars and small vans becoming stuck – especially in wet conditions.

PVC mesh can also be used in semi-permanent and permanent installations where grass is allowed to grow through it so it becomes incorporated as part of a durable, stable lawn.

Dual action

Plastic mesh performs two functions in one. It is used to reinforce grass sward so that increased traffic, whether it be from footfall or vehicular traffic, can cross or utilise an area that might previously have been unavailable because it was too boggy and wet.

At the same time, it protects the grass and ground underneath from damage and rutting. Even in dry conditions, turf protection mesh is a great way to protect lawns and sensitive surfaces – think park greens, golf courses and cricket outfields – from the sudden increase in traffic you would expect from a special event.

In heavy and wet conditions, ground reinforcement mesh provides a protective layer which prevents feet and tyres sinking into mud. At the same time, it distributes loads more evenly across the surface, allowing saturated ground to bear much greater weights than it would be able to without mesh.

The same principle also means PVC mesh can be used to provide extra stability on other soft surfaces, for example to allow cars and other small vehicles to cross recently disturbed soil on a construction site or farm, or to drive over sand on a beach.

When used over longer periods of time on grassed surfaces, turf reinforcement mesh can also play a role in stabilising new surfaces and embankments. Grass growing through the plastic mesh is able to intertwine with the mesh filaments, strengthening the surface like a woven mat. This is also useful to protect sensitive greens and fairways from potential damage caused by ride-on mowers or golf buggies.

Used as a protective layer, plastic mesh is breathable and allows for free natural drainage. Any grass under ground protection mesh will still get access to the air, water and sunlight it needs to grow, reducing the risk of discolouration and wilting associated with solid ground covers.

At the same time, light coloured grass protection mesh – we supply green mesh to blend in with the turf – helps to reflect UV rays from the sun, reducing the risk of grass overheating and scorching.

The free drainage allowed through the permeable open mesh means it is compatible with Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) building regulations, making it an ideal alternative to constructing impermeable solid pathways where planning restrictions are in place.

Our plastic mesh products

We supply PVC mesh in three grades, from lightweight mesh for pedestrian traffic to heavy duty mesh for vehicles up to a maximum weight of 7.5 tonnes (subject to ground conditions).

Light grass mesh is perfect for protecting turf and lawns from damage caused mainly by pedestrian footfall. Our medium grade grass reinforcement mesh is ideal for providing extra protection and stability in areas prone to becoming boggy and saturated in wet weather. It can also withstand small vehicle use on firmer ground.

Our heavy duty mesh is recommended for most deployments where vehicle access is required. It is the best option for using as a car parking solution, providing ground protection on a temporary basis and helping to reinforce damper ground for vehicle use over a longer period.

Customers are advised that our heavy duty parking mesh is guaranteed to withstand loads of up to 7.5 tonnes on firm, dry, stable ground. This will reduce in wet and boggy conditions, and grass parking mesh is not suitable for heavy vehicles.

All of our mesh products feature a special slip resistant design which significantly increases grip on the subsurface and reduces slipping by up to 97% compared to other grass mesh products. They are supplied in 2m x 30m rolls, ideal for super easy and efficient installation. We sell direct and can provide a full install service, should it be required.

Please note all grass reinforcement mesh is subject to a minimum order, please contact us for more information.

If you need further advice, please call our experienced sales staff who will be happy to help.

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