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Driveway Pavers Solutions

Give your drive a makeover with Geogrid driveway pavers. These permeable pavers are easy to install, look fabulous finished with either gravel or turf, and are tough enough to withstand up to a 25 tonne axle load.

Eco Friendly Driveway Solutions

Geogrids boast a whole range of eco-credentials that make them the driveway paver of choice for anyone who cares about the environment, and essential for those who need to meet SUDS legislation. Geogrid is a permeable driveway paving solution for creating a practical, attractive, and environmentally friendly access route.

  • Made from 100% recycled low density polyethylene
  • SUDS compliant water dispersal
  • Prevents soil erosion and aids ground reinforcement
  • Light weight uses less fuel for transport

These driveway grids are also ultra durable – crack proof and resistant to frost and UV rays, which means they will last longer than traditional driveway solutions.

Suitable for a Range of Applications

The tough and flexible grids provide a solid stable surface that can stand up to heavy traffic – these credentials make Geogrid driveway paver suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Residential parking
  • Private access roads
  • Green car parks
  • Towpaths
  • Private airfields

Whether finished with gravel or turf, these driveway pavers have a non-slip surface, providing excellent traction for vehicles, and a safe walking surface for pedestrians.

Service Spotlight:

Residential Driveways

With new laws and regulations coming into force to help prevent flooding, permeable driveway paving is becoming a very important issue.

Allowing free drainage of rainwater not only prevents your driveway from becoming a pond, it also helps protect the local area from flooding. Geogrid is SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) compliant – exactly what you need when replacing old driveways or when trying to meet the planning laws of a new-build or renovation.

Service Spotlight:

Private Access Roads

The high strength, durability and ease of installation lends Geogrid driveway pavers perfectly to use in access road construction.

Each grid is lightweight, low cost and easy to install, and the end result is an aesthetically pleasing driveway with non-slip and weather resistant credentials. The fact that the grids can be finished with gravel or turf ensures that you get the look you want too.

Service Spotlight:

Green Car Parks

Occasional car parks need to look good when not in use and also need to stand up to heavy traffic when it is! Geogrids work as a ground reinforcement grid, preventing soil erosion and also supporting the ground even when heavy traffic is present.

The special structure which lends itself to effective draining ensures that a turf in-fill stays in place and stays hydrated, without becoming waterlogged. The result is an aesthetically pleasing grass parking area that is easy to maintain.

Grassform’s grid solutions allows me to offer my clients a fantastic alternative to ordinary paving. As they are self-draining there is no need for the extra work. The tile can be easily cut to fit and backfilled with the client’s preferred stone or grass finish. As they are versatile, hard wearing…

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