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Horse Trial Gets Sticky!

Cross Country course

Our customer was building a Horse Cross Country course and due to recent poor weather was getting bogged down and stuck, with little progress on site using conventional wheeled diggers and dumpers, his Client was getting impatient! So they called Grassform Plant Hire.


Our solution – Get a gallop on!

Grassform Plant Hire provided two Morooka MST 800 tracked dumpers so the soil and materials could be moved quickly and easily without causing ruts. Productivity immediately soared. We also provided 120 linear metres of Ground Protection Mats to form a twin track temporary road to prevent further damage to some sensitive areas of the course and delivered the package by 8.00am the following morning.


Grassform Plant Hire get’s a clear round

Our customer now has a very happy client who will have their course built on time, within the budget with reinstatement cost being kept to a minimum.

Low Loader









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