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Grassform Helps Local Fire Service

A fire broke out at The Priory in Margaretting two weeks ago. Grassform were called shortly after.


The fire started at an industrial site where tonnes of wood had been stored. It isn’t yet clear if the fire was accidental or arson but for now the main priority is to get the fire under control.

Photo 27-08-2014 13 12 20

Grassform were called and in under an hour there were Tufftrak and Trakmats on site being laid. The Trakmats created the first path that had only straight traffic, but the Tufftrak handled the manoeuvring and turning as they are much bigger and can take up to 150 tonne. This was all laid in a matter of hours allowing the fire services quick access to begin the task at hand.



Tufftrak created a large road and pad area which has been laid for over two weeks and is still being used without a problem. Is it though that the fire will last for another 3 weeks to let itself burn out.


Photo 27-08-2014 12 57 35









Without Tufftrak the fire could have easily got out of control and spread to the nearby warehouses and and houses. It is times like this when Tufftrak really proves its use for emergency along with in house staff and vehicles.

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