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We Are Blogging!

Welcome to our first blog post, some may call the Directors dinosaurs, so anything technical is a no go, which is where I step in. I’m Zoe and have worked for Grassform for just over 4 years as a Sales and Marketing Administrator.

Our MD, Mark Dunning, is a huge fan of LinkedIn. 8 hours a day scrolling, posting, connecting, it’s fair to say he is OBSESSED. So that’s that social platform covered…

So, after brainstorming a few ideas, I thought a weekly blog would be a great idea to start connecting us all and letting you into the world of Grassform! It is an exciting opportunity to give you a helping hand if you wanted to know what we do and how we do it.

A little bit about Grassform for you; two brothers Mark and Simon Dunning started the company in 2004 with the help from their Dad; Peter! They were bought up working in the groundwork sector and as a family have built hundreds of golf courses around the country.

It all began when on a certain job, we needed ground protection and had come across a panel called Euromat. A 8ft x 4ft plastic panel which helped us get from A to B without turning up the grass….the rest is history.

Fast forward several months and Grassform had their own fleet of Euromats! We then came across a Tufftrak panel, which was 3m x 2.5m, 40mm thick and could withstand 150 tonnes!
Again, after much research and preparation we decided to purchase a fleet of our own Tufftrak panels. This was the start of the move away from the plant hire, golf and sport pitches.

5 years on, over 5 crews, several forklifts, vehicles, running both from Essex and Worksop and over 6500 Tufftrak panels later, we have never looked back!
We have an incredible Sales team, HR department, Health and Safety Officer, Financial Controller, and Installers.

From the teams who make the installs happen, to the drivers that get the panels to site, everyone plays such a massive part in Grassform’s success. The family as we call it. #bettertogether

Which is why we are bringing the inside track blogs to you weekly!

We have so much to share, so much to talk about and we hope you enjoy the journey.

Please let us know what you would love to read more off.

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