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Why Use Tufftrak on your site?

Welcome back everyone.

Did you know that Tufftrak is made from Premium 100% recycled high density (HD) polyethylene which is 100% recyclable? Just one of the many reasons why we love the product!

Some of you may have never needed to use Tufftrak on your sites, this could be for a number of reasons, however we find that the most common reason is, not realising that it even exists.

There is a stigma surrounding Tufftrak, some believe due to it being made from plastic it can’t withstand certain weight loads compared to other products on the market, however this is certainly NOT the case, I’m here today to put your minds at ease and assure you that Tufftrak does what it says it does.

Tufftrak panels have been around for over 10 years, they are known for providing temporary protection and work areas for very heavy plant, machinery and multiple vehicles. Overall allowing your projects to carry on whatever the weather.

The Tufftrak panels can support anything up to 150 tonnes. They are a durable 40mm thick, 3m x 2.5m panel and due to the engineered chevron surface design, it delivers ultimate grip and dispels mud whilst vehicles traverse. The unique chevron nub design reduces sideways movement and slippage, it delivers optimal forward traction for heavy plant, machinery and vehicles. I know I’ve won you over already, but wait there is more…

If you head over to our case study page on the website, you can really get a feel for what we do and see how the Tufftrak panels work on different projects.

You may or may not be aware that with the Tufftrak, we offer a complete service from start to finish. Our specialist team will arrive on site, carry out the install and the panels can be in use as soon as the last panel is connected. When you are finished, we then return to site recover all the panels and voilà that’s it. It really is as easy as that.

Also due to the Tufftrak panels being made from high density (HD) polyethylene, you avoid the need for security costs as they are a low theft risk compared to over products.
We can promise that whatever the weather, we are here to ensure your projects are kept on track!

So, now do you want Tufftrak on your sites?

If you would like more information, then please contact our sales team on:
T: 01277 353686
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