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Rugby 2015 World Cup Infographic

Rugby has always been a popular sport all around the UK with both males and female taking part in the sport in schools, university or for local clubs. This comes to no surprise that the 2015 World Cup is welcomed in open arms throughout all of the UK.

Although all the teams have class players, the home spirit and ambiance of matches being hosted in the home county will hopefully make the England team perform above and beyond the competition.

There are many positives associated with the Rugby World Cup being hosted in the UK. With over 400 matches across 13 county’s it will give everyone an opportunity to see their favourite teams and players in action. Financially, it will improve the English economy by attracting rugby fans from all over the world, which in turn will increase tourism for all of England.

With talks still going on and rumours flying around about who will make the cut for the England squad, will this be the best England team since 2003? Lets hope so!

Rugby 2015 World Cup Infographic

Rugby 2015 World Cup Infographic


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