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Large Project coming up & Require Temporary roadway?

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From January to March we moved over 16,000 Tufftrak panels up and down the country. Impressive I know, I’ve told you before, we have the best people in the game!
Which is why this week’s blog, I want to show you a couple of the installs our teams have carried out that may be similar to an upcoming project you have.

Northampton 900 Tufftrak Install complete within 3 days. As you can see from the images below, this install has now enabled our customer to gain entry with a 5m wide access road, complete with a compound area, passing bays and bends to now allow his project to start safety and effectivity.

Birmingham 350 Tufftrak Install, complete within 2 days. This project was slightly more complex compared to the Northampton install due to required configuration. The team still managed to complete this within 2 days and was ready to use as soon as we left.
The install required a temporary access road measuring 80m long x 3m wide in a single element from public highway to the trespass barrier, a 90m long x 6m wide access with a bottom layer of TuffTrak at 7.5m wide across existing turfed area, and a vehicle / plant turning area measuring 30m x 20m installed in a double element configuration.

The access was for the use of a 1000 tonne capacity mobile crane and 90 tonne ballast lorries

As you can see from the images below, the site now has the ground protection they need to get their project started.

If reading the above you feel like this is something you need on site, or in the future then please get in contact with our sales team, who are more than happy to assist you.

T: 01277 353686

Again, use reference ‘Blogthree’ for a further discount.

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